Graduate >> Geomatics Programme




The aims of the programme are to provide students with theoretical and applied geodesy, surveying or land management knowledge, to develop the analytic, critic and problem solving skills of students, and to prepare them for advanced research tasks in the fields.



Code Title Code Title
HRT5101 Geodetic infrastructures for GIS HRT5115 Technical Issues of the Urban Land Policy, Reg. and Legislation
HRT5102 Multi-GNSS Networks and CORS HRT5116 GIS for Land Consolidation
HRT5103 Analysis of Deformation Observations HRT5117 Technical Issues in Land Consolidation
HRT5104 Advanced Subjects in Adjustment Theory HRT5118 Modern Observation Techniques
HRT5105 Geodetic Measurements in Industrial Sites HRT5119 Multipath effects and Multipath mitigation
HRT5106 Gravity Measurement and Analysis HRT5120 System Analysis in Engineering Geodesy
HRT5107 Precision Leveling Measurment HRT5121 RTK and CORS Technique in the Engineering Measurements
HRT5108 Advanced Hydrographic Surveying HRT5122 Special Methods in Real Estate Valuation
HRT5109 Advanced Mining Surveying HRT5123 Strategic Planning in Real Property Investments
HRT5110 Advanced Engineering Surveying HRT5124 Modelling of Tectonic Movements
HRT5111 Statistical Analysis in Geodesy HRT5125 Advanced Topics in Satellite Geodesy
HRT5112 Robust Statistics Methods in Geodesy HRT5126 Three Dimensional Geodesy
HRT5113 Advanced Methods in Cadastre HRT5127 High Precision GPS Geodesy
HRT5114 Geodetic and geographic data for road design HRT6113 Deformations Measurements of Dams


• Master Programme Curriculum





The aim of the program is to raise engineers and academician candidates who are specialized in the field of geodesy, surveying or land management.



Code Title
HRT6103 Hybrid Sensor Systems for Monitoring of Structure
HRT6105 Interpolation, Filtering and Collocation Based on the Least Square Methods in Geodesy
HRT6106 Special Topics in Kinematic Positioning
HRT6107 Global Geodetic Observation Systems
HRT6108 Evaluation of Continuous Measurements on Engineering Structures
HRT6110 Analysis Models for High Precision GPS
HRT6101 Actual Systems in Depth Measurement
HRT6109 Stake-out and Control Measurements of Tunnel
HRT6112 Measurements of the High-Rise Buildings
HRT6111 High Speed Railway Design and Stake-out
HRT6102 GNSS Technique
HRT6104 Advanced Physical Geodesy
THRT9647 Seminar
HRT5103 Analysis of Deformation Observations
HRT5108 Advanced Hydrographic Surveying


• Doctorate Programme Curriculum