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The problem of geodesy is to determine the figure and external gravity field of the earth and of other celestial bodies as a function of time, from observations on and exterior to the surfaces of these bodies (W. Torge). Beside determining the figure and external gravity field of the earth, the data used for geodynamic purposes are produced by analyzing the variations on the earth crust.
The research subjects of Geodesy Division are given below:
   • Measurement Systems and Equipments
   • Establishing and Analyzing of Geodetic Networks
   • Statistical Analysis of Geodetic Data
   • Determining the Deformations of Engineering Constructions and Earth Crust
   • Determining the Gravity Field and Its Variations By Means of Terrestrial Gravity and Satellite Data
   • Mathematical Models of GNSS Positioning and Modelling of Error Sources
   • The Other Theoretical Calculations and Applications.
Geodesy Division carries on educational activities on the issues given with the main topics below: 
 • Mathematical Geodesy              
 • Physical Geodesy                     
 • Satellite Geodesy                       
 • Geodetic Astronomy                   
 • Statistical Methods                     
 • Robust Estimation Methods     
 • GNSS Positioning
 • Determination of Crustal Movements
 • Design and Analysis of Control Networks
 • Deformation Analysis
 • Determination of Earth's Gravity Field
 • GNSS Data Processing