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YTU Division of Cartography conducts the research and educational activities on geospatial data/information modeling, processing, analysis, visualization, management as well as map design and production.


Main research topics are:


- Topographic Cartography

- Thematic Cartography

- Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

- Spatial Databases

- Generalization and Multi-Scale Spatial Modeling

- Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM)

- Spatial Analysis and Modelling, Spatial Data Mining, Geocomputation

- Geovisualization and Virtual Reality, Geovisual Analytics

- Web Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Interoperability, Spatial Semantic Web

- Mobile Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, Location Based Services

- Spatial Data Infrastructure, Standards and Quality

- Multi-Dimensional GIS

- Mathematical Cartography (Map Projections and Map Coordinate Systems)