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Owing to the increase of reconstruction activities and requirements of technical services in Turkey, Department of Geomatic Engineering was founded by Prof.Dr. Macid ERBUDAK, Prof. Dr. Ekrem ULSOY, Prof.Dr. Burhan TANSUĞ in Yildiz Technical University with the decision of Ministry of Education dated June 7, 1949. Therefore, the first department has begun education and training in this area.

Faculty of Mapping and Cadastre (Istanbul Tech.School)  Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Eng.     (Yildiz Campus)  Department of Geomatic Engineering                     (Davutpaşa Campus)     

Our department carried out its research and educational activites in Yildiz Campus (Besiktas) between 1949 and 2008. It moved to Davutpasa Campus (Esenler) on the date of 2008.


Our department offers two undergraduate programs (Geomatic Engineering  Day and Evening programs) and three graduate programs (Geomatics, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, Property Valuation and Development/Non-thesis) accredited by MÜDEK and EURO-ACE.

The department send students abroad with the ERASMUS student exchange program and foreign students are also accepted mutually. In addition, the students from other universities in Turkey are accepted with FARABİ domestic student exchange program
Research and educational activities have been conducted by following divisions: Our academic and administrator staff is as below:



• Division of Geodesy



• Division of Photogrammetry



• Division of Surveying Technique



• Division of Cartography



• Division of Land Management




• 10   Professors


• 12   Associate Professors


•   8   Assistant Professors


•   3   Research Assistants (PhD)


• 22   Research Assistants


•   2   Specialist Engineers


•   1   Technicians


•   2   Secretaries


•   2   Employees









Working Fields of Geomatic Engineers


Our graduates has studied in official organizations and private sector for implementing the activities such as formed to horizontal and vertical position network based on occupational activities, examining of moving of earth’s surface, measurement and evaluation of deformation for controlling of engineering structures, highway, railway, bridge, dam, subway, tunnel projects and application of them, position determination via satellite, vehicle tracing systems, data collection and processing through satellite images and aerial photos, preparing the plan for restoration activities with terrestrial photos, producing the large, medium and small scaled digital and pressed topographic and thematic maps for various studies, multimedia and visualization related to spatial data and maps and web based presentation of them, creating the geospatial database and GIS related to various topics, arrangement of urban and rural areas and concerning judicial studies, public works applications, cadastre activities, expropriation activities and evaluation of real estate.


Geomatic Engineers Working Organizations


General Directorate of Register and Cadastre, General Directorate of Iller Bank, General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, General Directorate of National Real Estate, General Directorate of Building Land, Ministry of Forestry and Water Works, General Directorate of State Railways, Petroleum Pipeline Corporations, Natural Gas Distribution Services, Turkish Electrical Distribution Services, General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, General Directorate of Railways, General Directorate Of State Airports Authority, Southeast Anatolian Project Agency, State Coal Enterprise, General Command of Mapping, Construction Enterprises, Real Estate Enterprises, Mining Enterprises, Universities.

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